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Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles


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Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles® , the first all female mariachi in the

United States is that they have paved the way for other female mariachi groups to exist at the professional level.  

Reyna, which was formed in 1994, has truly broken the stereotypes surrounding Mariachi music. 

In a musical landscape of songs that are often written by men, and for men - Reyna has created their own history.

Under the leadership of ten-time Grammy nominee, Maestro Jose Hernandez, Reyna was the first female Mariachi to break out of local level recognition to international stardom with original compositions, arrangements and interpretations of mariachi classics.  

Noteworthy accomplishments include playing private concerts for superstars such as George Harrison, John Travolta, and debuting at the Hollywood bowl. Perhaps their greatest career highlight was performing at The White House for President Obama's Cinco De Mayo celebration.  

As performers, their passionate vocals, ability to engage the audience and stellar musicality is second to none leading to both a American and Latin Grammy Nominations. 


Their internationally distributed albums include: Solo Tuya, El Mejor Mariachi Femenino del Mundo, Compañeras, 

and Entre Mariachi y Corazón, Mariachi Reyna de Los Ángeles, and their most recent album ¡Que Vivan Las Mujeres!. 

Their success has so greatly impacted Latino culture that the US Government’s official historical archives have recognized

 them – The Smithsonian Institute, which released Reyna’s most recent self-titled album.  

Reyna has inspired a new generation of young women to stay true to the authenticity and tradition of Mariachi while

 being unafraid to take risks musically and professionally.

¡Que Vivan Las Mujeres!

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